About Us

We're a team of people with an obsession for
Creativity, caffeine and comics.

Day dreaming, walking and sipping coffee is our favorite job. And that paves way to ideas. Ideas that are focussed, fierce, flawlessly implemented and delivered to the right people, at the right time, in a right way.

We hate boring! And adhere to paths that break monotony and mundane use of conventional ideas. We believe that with great risks, comes great rewards. We're crazy that way!

What we do:

We help grab your customers attention and make them stop and think about YOU for a moment. Your brand has to stand out, to stand in the market and we do that for you.


Brand strategy, Brand philosophy, Brand storytelling


Brand awareness campaigns, Rebranding campaigns, Brand growth campaigns, Brand storytelling campaigns

Social media Creatives

Content strategy and
Content creation

Creative marketing ideas

Strategic out of the box ideas